We are developing a mobile role playing game that takes frequent measurements, over time, of cognitive skill related to brain function and reports back to your doctor in real time.

Our first focus area of need:


Gamify is solving an unmet need in brain function testing.

With the prevalence of concussion in youth sports and recreation, our first focus is concussion recovery.


Our products blend brain science with game design.

Today’s brain function tests are in the forms of outdated games, puzzles and stories that over the course of one to two days assess a patient’s brain injury. 2Most tests are designed to be taken only once in a while and in a controlled, clinical setting. This lacks real world applicability and limits patient access to evaluation.


This year alone, we anticipate anywhere from two to four million concussions will be reported; many more injuries actually go unreported.


Further, following a diagnosis of concussion, medical doctors provide patients with a series of recommendations but do not know whether the patient is following through with the recommendations and improving as anticipated or, alternatively, getting worse. Updates are limited to clinic visits in which assessment is based on direct behavioral observation, patient self-report and tests that have limited reliability. While important, subjective self-reports are notoriously faulty.

We offer the first upgrade in brain function testing in nearly half a century using a modern, affordable and globally accessible application that feels like a game.


- 1An immersive mobile role playing game that increases effort

- Several points of measurement, over time, for accurate assessment results

- Sensitive to change.


We recognize the value in our unique approach that allows for repeated testing in a rewarding mobile game.  We also know the importance of remotely tracking progress for real-time communication with a physician.


Adult individuals, or parents who's children are participating, can access reports on cognitive brain function, but they can also directly connect their doctor to in-depth reports for further consultation.



Recent studies have raised concern over long term affect of sub-concussions. No toolset available today can track long term or slow decline of brain function in the way that Gamify's cognitive assessment application is designed to monitor and record true baseline skills.


In addition, the effects of Post Concussion Symptoms can go on for months following an individuals recovery.3


Gamify is interested in supporting, understanding and helping these issues.


We are a blend of doctors and game designers, collaborating on both the science of assessment and the science of gameplay, to create motivating interactive tools that get accurate results.

We have no interest in creating anything but hard-science backed, evidence based content that serves the end user, the patient, for the betterment of their mental and physiological health.


Our target customer is athletes, parents of athletes, physicians, and various national and international athletic leagues that have clearly stated their interest and commitment in sports safety.  This includes injury/recovery monitoring and using improved methods for their team members.


We anticipate capture of additional customers who have an interest in their brain health and/or enjoy gaming, as our products are globally accessible and affordable.



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Whether you love video games, you want to contribute to  crowdsourcing the advancement of science, or are excited for the benefits of the next generation of concussion protocol tools, sign up to be invited to various game beta releases, pilot studies and even paid clinical trial participation.


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‡ Anonymous data collected from assessment participants is stored in compliance with Safe Harbor guidelines for de-indentified information.

    *Safe Harbor section 164.514(b)


‡‡ To learn more about concussion and cognitive skill test research, follow the links below to see their third party information:


CDC - HEADS UP campaign


SIS published article - see link to Cambridge University Source


1 Study: Effort has a greater effect on test scores than severe brain injury in compensation claimants

2 Study: Test-retest reliability of computerized concussion assessment programs

3 Study: Association of Persistent PCS With Pediatric Quality of Life